Twelfth Status Update Monday

Hello Lovelies! Can’t believe it’s Status Update Monday again already. Amazing how quickly a week can go by!

This week has been surprisingly good, considering that it was the second week of my water fast. I do think I decided to fast again too soon on the heels of the last one, but it really has gone surprisingly well. I’ll be writing up a full post just about fasting in general and this fast specifically on Wednesday for anyone who’s interested, so I’ll keep talk about that to a minimum in this post.

By the way, I am not a doctor or medical professional. Anything I write about fasting is my own opinion and in no way advice or recommendation. The one thing I do recommend is that, if you want to make any kind of change in your diet, you consult a physician beforehand.

The thing I feel best about this week is that I’ve kept up my workouts as planned. I’m doing a deload week, as I mentioned last week, and it’s going along pretty smoothly. Today was lower body, and even though my stamina is shot from fasting, my strength is really good until it runs out. I’ve been focusing hard on my glute bridge form for the past couple of weeks, and it has improved immensely. I’ve improved my ability to truly target and isolate my glutes more than I thought possible, so I’m getting more of what I need out of the lift … but also wearing my glutes out more so I’m able to do fewer before failure. But this is why I’m such a stickler for form. When you do a lift properly, you target the specific muscles more fully instead of allowing other, stronger muscles to take over the work, you work them harder, and you get more of the result you want, sooner. So maybe … maybe … maybe, within a couple of months we’ll be able to see real glute growth in my progress photos. That would truly be the ultimate victory for me!

I’veĀ  done some hiking this week but not as much as last week, and I listened to the demands of my body and relaxed almost all weekend. The Handsome Hubby and I did walk around town Saturday admiring all the flowering trees and bushes. It seems like the whole town is in bloom! So beautiful.

I also accomplished a non-health-related goal this week by uploading my very first ever video to this blog and to Instagram. Success! You can watch in on my last post, Upright Rows. I almost talked myself out of making it, and then almost talked myself out of posting it, but I told myself to just quiet the heck down and did it anyway, and I am honestly ridiculously proud of stepping out of my comfort zone to do something I’ve been wanting to do for ages.

Oh! And I almost forgot to tell you. I’ve come up with a whole slew of exciting new recipe ideas to test out! I’ve got them all listed out and ready to go, so there will be fun new tastiness happening here soon. Watch this space!

I hope you’re all well and happy and full of optimism today, and ready for a fulfilling week ahead!

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