Thirteenth Status Update Monday

This week has vanished so quickly, despite seeming to go pretty slowly at the time. Have you ever experienced that with time passing? It’s an odd feeling. But, oddness aside, overall the week was good, filled with small victories and positive moments.

I got in five strong workouts. My lift strength post-fast was almost immediately back to full, with the exception of pushups. Those suckers always get to me, but I’ll have them under control again in no time. I changed up my chest press grip style, and found I’m better able to target my pecs and take some of the work away from my anterior delts, which are now getting plenty of work via upright rows, which I’m doing once a week with narrow grip and once a week with wide grip to work as much as possible of my shoulder span. I started adding more core work back into my routine, and am continuing to work hard on my glutes.

The Handsome Hubby and I got in several lovely hikes, including one with our dear friend Brooke and her adorable puppy Mia. The Hubby even ran with Mia for quite a lot of the trail! So fun! We also went to one of the new trail heads I mentioned in the last Update and explored a trail there. We’ll be going back to that one again soon, leaving a bit earlier in the day so we have time to follow it all the way up to the peak.

Food wasn’t quite as good as exercise. The foods I’ve been eating have been the right ones, but I’ve been fighting alternating over-eating and under-eating. Today I focused on getting everything back to my usual routine, including getting back to drinking green tea throughout the day, and I’m finally feeling normal again. This definitely solidifies my feeling that longer-term fasts are not for me, though. I don’t typically have food or appetite issues, and I’m dismayed that I’ve been faced with that this week.

In other food news, we finally got an air fryer, which we used for the first time today to make chicken wings. It’s so nice to be able to make nice crispy, juicy wings without any advanced planning, in a quarter the time it takes to make oven baked ones, and without having to heat up the house by having the oven on. It’s going to be a wing-y summer!

I’ve also gotten back to taking really good care of my skin, body as well as face. I tend to neglect my body except for my back, where my eczema tends to be worst. The Handsome Hubby surprised me with some lovely new body butters this week, though, and we’ve both been making good use of them!

I did weigh and measure myself and take progress photos yesterday as planned. After fasting and re-feeding, my weight has settled at 3 pounds lower than when I started, and I’ve lost some more body fat. My hips and thighs are each down another inch plus, although my waist, surprisingly, didn’t change much, and my chest is down about half an inch. In the photos, the most visible change is in my back, shoulders, and arm, which are looking lean and nicely muscled. (I’ll add photos tomorrow, but wanted to get this posted while it’s still Monday.)

The photos also showed me where I need the most work moving forward. Of course, the glutes, my ongoing project. They feel different, more solid and dense, but look only very slightly different. As I mentioned above, I also started adding more core work back in over the past week, and that turns out to have been an excellent choice. My core is not as strong as I’d like and I don’t have much in the way of ab definition. I also need to get in more quad and hamstring work. My legs are looking much leaner than they were at the beginning of March, but there’s little visible muscle, and they’re still relatively weak, especially in my quads.

I also had a revelation this past week. One of my Instagram followers complimented a photo of me, saying, “You can certainly tell that you lift!” And in mid-reply, I realized that she was telling me what hadn’t yet dawned on me, that I’ve accomplished the first part of my goal of the past two years. I’ve gotten lean enough to look fit! Now there’s just the second half, seeing whether I can maintain it while living and eating normally.

So, it’s been a good week, with much accomplished and much learned. I’ve got the beginnings of a solid plan to reach for the second half of my goal, and some other smaller goals along the way. I hope every one of you can look back on the week with a feeling of accomplishment, and that the week ahead is shining with optimism!

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