Sixth Sunday Status Update

The experiment I mentioned on my FB group last week got extended so I still don’t have final data for you, but it’s time I post a Sunday Update anyway and tell you what’s going on.

The Handsome Hubby and I are fasting. Yup, I, the great lover of food and cooking and eating, am voluntarily going without, and for good reason. I’ve read a lot the past couple of years about autophagy, whereby cells rid themselves of damaged bits, clearing out and restoring themselves. It also helps reboot the immune system. It may result in longer life, and is known to be destructive to cancer cells. It increases Human Growth Hormone (HGH) significantly, and contrary to popular belief, has long been shown to cause the body to burn fat almost exclusively while preserving muscle.

Knowing all that, I still wouldn’t have given it a go, but the Hubby decided to do it, in part for the autophagy and immune benefits, but primarily to try to break some bad dietary habits he’d fallen into. After seeing how good he was feeling after a few days, not weak at all and having plenty of energy, I decided to join him. I’m happy to say, he’s still going strong on his 18th day. I had only intended to do 5 days, but managed 6.

I’d gotten into it for the health benefits, but it was the fat loss that stunned me. After only 6 days, I’d lost more fat than I had in 4 months of careful, strict dieting last summer. (I have a scale that measures both weight and body fat percentage. It’s not super accurate on percent, but it measures ups and downs perfectly well.) For four days, I did Intermittent Fasting, eating one meal per day, but fasting together was honestly so much easier. I thought about it and decided that, since lowering my body fat percentage has been my primary goal for over a year and fasting was clearly working for that, I’d join the Hubby for the end of his fast.

So here we are. We’re hiking a lot, although we’re slow on the uphills, and I’m still lifting weights, although not quite as heavy as usual, but close. We break our fast on Wednesday night. I’ve been keeping notes every day since we started. Next Sunday’s update will include a link to those notes in their entirety, as well as photos and measurement changes.

If you’re interested, there are tons of articles out there about fasting and its benefits, as well as about autophagy and the various ways to induce it. There is, of course, a lot of chaff amongst the wheat, so if you do decide to investigate, try to look for the more scientific articles.

* Let me add a quick cautionary note here. If you are prone to binging or have any type of eating disorder, please do not fast! The urge to binge after a fast can be extreme, and on the flip side, it becomes easier and easier to just keep not eating and to become apprehensive about starting to eat again, which can only feed into a disordered relationship with food.

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