Sixteenth Status Update

I apologize for once again missing Status Update Monday. It fell on Memorial Day this week, and I was happily absent from my ordinary life. I spent the long weekend in the North Cascades camping with friends. It was a wonderful finish to a very good week!

Let me update you on the week first. I was still focused on pushing my workouts, and that went very well. I continued to add to each workout, and to feel a bit stronger each time. By Thursday, for instance, I was doing the same hip thrust weight as two weeks prior, but for sets of 8 reps plus 8 pulses, rather than sets of 6 reps. I also added more activation exercises and body alignment drills to my warm ups, and finished more of my workouts with yoga and stretching. Definitely feeling the gains, and starting to see them, too! I even posted a photo of my newly visible baby abs to my @baconcookielifestyle Instagram.

In diet news, I kept it keto, but I was still experiencing occasional  issues. I’ve added some probiotics in the form of homemade sauerkraut to my daily food intake in the hopes it will help. So far, so good.

Our camping trip was Friday through Monday . I did squeeze in a workout Friday morning before we hit the road, but missed Monday’s. In camp, we shared meal duties, and everyone brought such great food that I had no trouble keeping keto throughout, although I definitely ate more of the deliciousness than I strictly needed. I mean, just look at those sausages! I did splurge on a single s’more Sunday night. Absolutely worth it!

Saturday we’d planned a hike, but when we got to the trail head, we found it covered in a couple of feet of snow for which we were completely unprepared! It sure was beautiful, though. We wandered around in it and took plenty of photos. Sunday afternoon we succeeded in going for a beautiful hike closer to camp, up to a place called Thunder Knob, and again, many photos were taken, including the one at the top of this post.

I sustained a minor injury on the camping trip, a bruised tailbone from slipping off an unstable camp bench, that still hurts but isn’t stopping me working out. Adapt and move forward! If one feels able and inclined, there are almost always lifts one can do even when injured, which is one of the many reasons why it’s beneficial to learn proper form for as many lifts as possible. You never know when you’ll need to swap out one of your favorites.

Speaking of which, it’s time for me to work out! I hope you all enjoyed the past week and are off to a positive start on this new one.


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