Fourth Sunday Status Update

It’s Status Update Sunday! More to the point, it’s Fourth Status Update Sunday, aka full-on weigh, measure, and photo Sunday. At least, it was Sunday when I weighed, measured, photo’ed, and started writing this post. Then life happened and we decided to go on a hike, which turned into an adventure, and now it’s Monday. But still.

Weekly update first, then monthly.

I did great this past week in terms of both food and exercise. Carbs low, calories low-ish, protein high-ish, no manufactured food. I’m also cutting further back on processed meats like ham, pepperoni, and yes, bacon. In the interest of building/maintaining muscle mass, for the past 10 days I’ve been leaning especially hard into pushing my workouts, trying for more on every lift every time, and that’s going really well. My big victory this week is having successfully increased the weight on my ongoing nemesis, squats. Yes! I’ve also started trying to use curtsy lunges more as HIIT rather than a strength move. We’ll have to see how that goes moving forward.

We did two hikes this week, both this weekend, not long, but super fun. It hailed on us on Sunday’s hike, and we ultimately ended up turning back before we’d intended when the trail became so icy that it was a bit dangerous. Too bad, because the area was so pretty! It was quite open compared to most of the surrounding area, and much of the ground was covered with huge ferns. We saw several charred roots and bare evergreens, so we’re thinking the area may have burned several years ago. So interesting! Can’t wait to explore it more when my mini-spikes (snow chains for your boots, basically) arrive.

So, on to the four-week assessment. First week was great for diet, but the second and third were not as good, and then the fourth was very good again. My weight is down three pounds overall for the month, which is pretty perfect given that my primary goal is to lower my body fat percentage rather than my overall weight. My measurements are also down, but since they were oddly larger than what seemed reasonable the first week, I’ll use the second week’s more expected measurements for comparison, from which my bust and waist are down 1/2 inch each and my hips and thighs are down 1/4 inch. Happily, waist measurement dropping more than hip measurement is usually an indicator that one is losing more fat than muscle, so things are looking good there.

When trying to lower one’s body fat percentage, thought, real progress shows most in photos. I can definitely see that I’m a bit smaller, but I’m not sure that I can see increased leanness. With any luck, there will be a more obvious change at the end of March. Since the change is so small, I’m just posting one angle this time. I’ll post more in four weeks.Overall, I did pretty well with both diet and workouts in February, substantially better during the last 10 days of the month. I feel like I’m finally on a roll, that the strength gains (hopefully muscle gains) and adherence to diet will continue more smoothly in the upcoming four week period.

Here’s to a joyful, healthful, successful March for all of us!

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