Fourteenth Status Update Monday

Well, alrighty! I have to admit, I’m glad the past week is over. It was a bit disappointing for me on several fronts.

First, what went right. As I mentioned I was planning to do in last week’s update, I leaned hard into my strength training, especially core, glutes, and legs. My abs have honestly been sore every day this week. I even added hanging leg lifts back in to my routine. They’re very challenging for me, but that’s what makes them worth doing! I also worked hard on some variations on my glute workout, especially adding pulses at the end of each hip thrust set. Oh my goodness! I practiced that change twice during the week, and it killed my booty both times! So good. Definitely a keeper. I plan to keep pushing harder and adding more for the foreseeable future. (This photo is from today, just before my workout. Kawaiice-cream kitty helping me keep cool.)

We didn’t hike much during the week, mostly because I managed to give myself edema that was so bad I couldn’t put my boots on over it. At first I thought I’d maybe injured my left ankle on one of our hikes the week before, but when it kept getting worse and then the right started to swell also, I put together the two and two I should have put together when I first gave up some of my dietary protein in favor of additional fat, and realized that I no longer need to supplement sodium, at least not to the degree that I had been. By Saturday I was able to put my boots on, so we went back to Sqwak Mountain and did the May Valley Loop trail again, and added on the additional loop to the peak. The peak trail was much more challenging than we expected, but very much worth it. There’s even an old fireplace still standing there! So interesting.

In addition to failing to re-evaluate my supplementation when I changed my diet, I also failed to get the over-eating under control. I didn’t do it every day, but most days. Evenings, actually. I did fine during the days, but had a hard time stopping with the snacks after dinner. Last night, for the first time since our last fast ended, I got truly, uncomfortably full. I still snacked, though. Happily, today I seem to have successfully gotten sufficiently fed up to have altered my mind set, because I have no desire or compulsion to eat that way today. If anyone has any doubt as to why people who have problems with bingeing or have ever suffered from an eating disorder shouldn’t fast, this is why. I don’t struggle with those issues much at all, but overeating has dogged me for almost two solid weeks since our fast ended. It certainly cements for me the concept that I don’t want to do any more longer-term fasts. I’ll stick to the few days necessary to promote autophagy, improvements in stem cell generation, and immune system repair.

I hope every single one of you can look back on the past week with satisfaction, and forward to the upcoming one with optimism and joy. I’m definitely looking forward to having a much better week ahead!

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