Eleventh Status Update Monday

Things have been a bit hectic in the Land of Bacon Cookie lately, lots of irons in the fire, so Tenth Status Update Monday slipped right past me unnoticed. By the time I realized it, it seemed better to let it go. So, we’re skipping straight to Eleventh Status Update Monday. I do apologize for the oversight!

I’ve been doing really well with workouts, still pushing hard for a little bit more every time, and focusing extra closely on my form. I had a particular victory last Friday, managing 3 sets of 10 strong pushups for the first time in a very long time. It felt so great! I went on to add more to several other lifts in that same workout as well, so it was a particularly good day for me. Success!

The Handsome Hubby and I have also been hiking a lot, especially this past week. The weather has been on-and-off rainy but is forecast to be sunny for a while ahead, so there will definitely be more hikes, and hopefully longer ones. We’ve stumbled upon a few more trailheads in the area as well, so we might even explore some new places!

Diet has been on-and-off, too. I’ve kept keto, but was struggling with portions, especially with nuts. I didn’t gain any more weight, but was feeling sort of overall not-great. Then, last Monday, the hubby and I decided we were ready to move forward with our fat loss efforts now rather than later, by doing our next fast straight away rather than in May as we’d planned. We started Tuesday night, and are going through next Tuesday night, May 1st, for a total of 14 days. That’s twice as long as either of my fasts last month. I was a bit apprehensive as to how I’d do, but that turns out to have been unnecessary.

I’m honestly feeling great this time! I’ve been able to do my full workouts, and even had that wonderful workout last Friday that I mentioned above, and have had no headaches or bodily discomfort. I was a bit tired yesterday, but am back to completely normal today. I’m guessing this ongoing goodness is due to the fact that I learned my lesson last time and have been supplementing electrolytes from the very start. Both of us are slower and have to rest more often on the inclines on our hikes, but that’s as expected. I do plan to do a deload week on lifting for the second week of our fast, this Wednesday through next Tuesday, mostly because deloading now and again is a good thing that I’ve been trying to work into my schedule regularly. Pairing it up with fasting seems kind of perfect.

So, overall, the past two weeks have been good. I did forget to take photos yesterday or today, but I will definitely take some in two weeks, after our fast is over and we’ve re-fed. Photos and measurements at that time will be of more value in evaluating my overall progress anyway. I’m very much looking forward to seeing those, because I’ve seemed to be making some good muscle gains recently.

I hope all of you have had a great couple of weeks, and that the week ahead is looking bright and positive for you! Be healthy, be happy, and most of all, be love.

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