Welcome to Bacon Cookie!

I decided to start blogging about diet and fitness after friends and family members started asking me about my workout regimen, or for advice on eating low-carb. I’m not a professional in the field in any way, just a self-educated layman who loves cooking, eating, and lifting weights. Especially eating! Food is seriously my favorite. I probably spend way too much time thinking about and preparing food, but because I do, I have tons of delicious recipes to share!

I’ve worked out and tried to eat healthy all my life, but for the past seven years, I’ve been lifting heavy and eating low carb. It’s a great combination for me. I feel more fit, strong, and confident than I ever have. Would it also suit you? I don’t know, but if you want to try it, I hope my experiences can help you. I’m a firm believer that each of us get to choose for ourselves what works for our own bodies, minds, and hearts.

My current goal is to lower my body fat percentage while maintaining as much of my hard-earned muscle as possible. No reason; I just want to try, something of a personal challenge. My hope is that putting my fitness journey in the public eye will help me reach my goals, as well as inspire you to reach yours.